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Employee Selection & Development


One of the most critical decisions a manager makes is choosing the members of the team. The right choices pay dividends for years. The wrong choices are costly and painful for everyone involved. To give your team a chance to succeed, you must have your players properly positioned. Even the best of plans will fail if your team is unable to execute.


Equipping Your Organization


If you were going to buy a new piece of equipment for your business, you would start by thinking about the functions you needed that machine to perform. Once you define the work that needs to be done, you can start shopping for equipment that is specifically designed for that purpose. After you find the right equipment and bring into your operation, you have to make sure you connect it to correct source of energy. Of course, this new equipment will require periodic maintenance to keep it working in top notch condition. And, from time to time, you might have to upgrade the equipment with the latest add-on or gizmo to enhance the value it brings to your organization.


Matching People With Positions


Please pardon the impersonal analogy, but it really is no different with human machines. At Corporate Strategy & Finance Associates, we use a disciplined approach to match people with positions to give your plan the best chance to succeed.  If you need help hiring people, we're with you from job description to interviews. We can also help you find the right way to energize your team to bring out their best performance. Finally, we can provide the ongoing training and developmental programs to keep your team sharp, productive, and loyal.