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Strategic Planning and Goal Setting


Success is not an accident. It is a result of the thoughtful execution of a well-designed plan. Corporate Strategy & Finance Associates helps organizations “begin with the end in sight” to develop long-range plans and identify immediate actions. Imagine planning your family vacation. The first step is agreeing on where you want to go. The same is true for organizational and individual planning. After determining the desired destination, we use a logical process to move backward toward the present state and define a clear path to success. We find critical decision points which call for us to make choices and take actions. We move from deciding on our vacation destination all the way back to determining which way to turn when we leave the driveway. With the organization’s path defined, each member of the team can now use the same process to establish individual goals in support of the overall mission. Some keys to effective planning and goal setting are:



Begin with the end in sight


Determine the destination before you begin the journey. You wouldn't leave for vacation without knowing exactly where you were headed. Once you have visualized the future, work backward toward the present and learn what to do next.


Develop a road map for success


After determining both your destination and your starting point, you must now break the journey into manageable parts and develop a method to guide you along the way. Your map also provides the opportunity to check your progress and handle any detours.


Celebrate success


A critical but often overlooked part of any planning process is to recognize success when it is found. Celebrating success encourages people to seek it out. Make sure that you plan a celebration when you accomplish your mission.